The Sustainable Development Goal 17 addresses strengthening the means of implementation and revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development. This objective includes goals related to finance, technology, trade, and to capacity strengthening, through cooperation among countries.

Support in public policies, technical assistance and knowledge-building activities offer countries the means to advance in the fight against hunger. The Centre offers public policy dialogue opportunities for both government staff and decision makers, always involving multiple sectors.

Good practices in South-South cooperation

The United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation launched a publication to highlight good practices from Southern nations that are relevant to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Called “Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation for sustainable Development”, the publication presents initiatives in which developing countries turn to one another to address common challenges, and the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger is one of the experiences featured. The objective of the publication is to demonstrate the efficiency of South-South and triangular cooperation to promote joint initiatives and speed up sustainable human development. The text highlights that the WFP Centre helps to make the Brazilian experience in Zero Hunger available to other developing countries for learning, sharing and adaptation through South-South or triangular cooperation. Download the publication.


Exchange between Brazil and Africa

The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth (IPC-IG) has recently launched the paper “Brazil–Africa knowledge-sharing on Social Protection and food and nutrition security”. The publication analyses how knowledge-sharing activities between Brazil and several sub-Saharan African countries, in the fields of social protection and food and nutrition security policies and programmes, have directly and/or indirectly influenced African policies and programmes. IPC-IG promoted an exchange of experiences and knowledge via an online community of South-South Cooperation between Brazil and African countries on social protection, and on food and nutrition security. In total, 48 African representatives of ministries in charge of social protection and food and nutritional security programmes in 24 different countries participated in the survey and online discussion. The WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger is mentioned several times as one of the supporters of this South-South experience and knowledge exchange.

Download the publication, in English.


South-South Cooperation Expo

The United Nations Global South-South Development Expo, an annual event highlighting Southern innovations in tackling southern poverty challenges, took place in Dubai from 31 October to 3 November. The World Food Programme and the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger were there to share and scale up innovative South-South solutions that can contribute to the implementation of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Rome-based UN agencies – WFP, FAO, and IFAD – hosted the side event “Southern networking and knowledge exchange – key means towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”. The aim was to discuss the contribution of South-South cooperation to achieving progress towards SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), and the work of the WFP Centre was one of the highlights.

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Brazil and United Kingdom debate cooperation with Africa

On 17 and 18 November, the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger participated in an event to discuss different approaches adopted by Brazil and the United Kingdom to provide cooperation and development assistance to Sub-Saharan countries. The event called “Improving the impact of development projects in Sub-Saharan Africa through increased UK-Brazil cooperation and partnerships” was organized by Wilton Park, a think-thank linked to the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation, a public foundation linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The WFP Centre of Excellence presented its experience in working with Brazil and the UK to help African countries overcome hunger. The Centre works as a catalyst, providing options for countries to choose how they want to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals.