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African School Feeding Cluster to hold meeting at GCNF 2018


The African Union Commission and the government of Tunisia will host the 3rd CESA School Feeding Cluster Meeting, on the margins of the Global Child Nutrition Forum. The meeting will happen on 20 October in Tunis, one day before the opening of Forum. During the meeting, participants are expected to review and approve the draft strategy for the cluster, the workplan for 2019-2020, and the continental home-grown school feeding indicators and reporting framework.

The African Union has adopted the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025) as an initiative to advance the African Agenda 2063. The strategy aims to set up a high-quality education and training system. The African Heads of States have decided to adopt home-grown school feeding initiatives as a driver to fulfil some of the goals of the CESA, as well as the Africa Regional Nutrition Strategy. To support the implementation of these decisions, the African Union Commission and its partners have established the CESA School Feeding Cluster.


The Forum

The Global Child Nutrition Forum is organized every year by the Global Child Nutrition Foundation and the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger. This year the Forum reaches its 20th edition and will gather around 300 people in Tunis from 21 to 25 October to discuss strategies to improve and increase school feeding initiatives globally. The theme of the event will be National School Meal Programmes for Food and Nutrition Security and Multiple Social Benefits.

In 2017, the Forum praised the African Union for launching the School Feeding Cluster and acknowledged the role of regional networks, such as the Pan-African Network for School Feeding and Nutrition, in advancing the school feeding agenda.

The CESA School Feeding Cluster meeting will be held on the margins of the Forum to seize the opportunity of having a large number of ministerial representatives, members of the African Union Commission, and United Nations agencies already attending the Global Child Nutrition Forum. The meeting will count on a wide participation for the revision and approval of the cluster strategy and workplan. Participants will also discuss the mechanisms to harmonize school feeding initiatives in the continent.

The WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger is a member of the School Feeding Cluster, as well as the WFP Africa Office.

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