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The World Food Programme (WFP), the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, is the United Nations’ largest humanitarian agency and leads the global fight against hunger. We operate in over 80 countries providing emergency food assistance and building sustainable solutions to fight hunger.




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Communications Officer

Deadline: 28/05/24

Translation and Administrative Assistant

Deadline: 31/03/24

Communications Officer

Deadline: 10/03/24

Translation and Administrative Assistant

Deadline: 08/02/24

Consultant: Specialist in Partnerships, Innovation and Rural Development

Deadline: 08/02/24

Finance and Administration Assistant

Deadline: 26/12/23

Finance and Administration Associate

Deadline: 26/12/23

Programme Administration Assistant

Deadline: 25/12/23

Translator and Administration Assistant – IBAS

Deadline: 25/12/23

Communications Assistant – IBAS

Deadline: 25/12/23

Assistant to the Director

Deadline: 22/11/23

Project Administrative Assistant

Deadline: 05/11/23

Assistant Programme Officer

Deadline: 31/10/23

Programme Assistant – Nutrition

Deadline: 03/10/23

Project Assistant

Deadline: 16/08/23

Project Officer (Analyst II)

Deadline: 16/08/23

Travel Administrative Assistant

Deadline: 11/07/23

Consultancy for technical support in sustainable food systems of the Beyond Cotton Project

Deadline: 30/06/23

Consultancy for technical support in sustainable food systems of the Beyond Cotton Project

Deadline: 26/03/23

Programme Policy Officer

Deadline: 26/02/23

Bussiness Support Assistant

Deadline: 29/01/23

Consultancy on good practices in family farming purchases for institutional markets

Deadline: 05/01/23

Consultancy for building a tracking system for purchases from small farmers

Deadline: 08/01/23

Technical Assistant for Nutrition Projects. Deadline: 16/08/2022

Consultancy for Reducing Consumption of Salt and Sugar. Deadline: 16/08/2022

Technical Assistant for Rural Development Projects. Deadline: 14/06/2022

Business Support Assistant – Procurement Administration. Deadline: 25/05/2022

Consultoria – Nutrição. Deadline: 25/05/2022

Finance and Admin Assistant. Deadline: 10/04/2022

Business Support Assistant (Assistant to the Director). Deadline: 13/03/2022

Communications Assistant. Deadline: 06/02/2021.

IT Operations Associate. Deadline: 23/01/2022

Consultant – Beyond Cotton Project. Deadline: 06/01/2022

Assistant Programme Officer. Deadline: 21/11/2021

Business Support Assistant. Deadline: 10/11/2021

Subtitling of videos on cotton management (UNV). The vacancy announcement will be closed once we have reached the maximum number of approved candidates.

Consultancy – Fruits and Vegetables. Deadline: 19/08/2021

Finance and Administration Assistant. Deadline: 15/07/2021

Finance and Administration Officer. Deadline: 30/06/2021

Project Coordinator. Deadline: 22/04/2021

Communications Intern. Deadline: 21/03/2021

Consultoria: Produção e Edição de Vídeos para a Visita de Estudos Virtual. Deadline: 07/03/2021.

Assistant Project Officer. Deadline: 28/02/2021

Finance and Admin Associate. Deadline: 16/02/2021

Translator and Administrative Assistant. Deadline: 17/02/2021

Finance and Admin Assistant. Deadline 30/11/2020

Digital Design Assistant. Deadline 02/11/2020

Expressions of interest. Deadline 21/09/2020.

Interested in developing your career and at the same time contribute to the fight against hunger? The World Food Programme Regional Office for Latin America is creating a pool of pre-assessed, multilingual consultants to shorten the time to select candidates for critical positions in the region.

Deadline for expressions of interest: 21/09

Here are the areas:

Social Protection Officer

Vulnerability Analysis & Monitoring (VAM) Officer

Cash-Based Transfers (CBT) Officer

Programme and Policy Officer

Emergency and Preparedness Response Officer (EPR)

Logistics Officer

Food Technologist Officer

Procurement Officer

Consultant  – Policy Brief sobre estratégias para a prevenção e o controle da obesidade infantilDeadline: 23/08/2020

Communications Officer – 17/05/2020

Assistant Programme Policy Officer. Deadline: 19/04/2020

IT Operations Associate. Deadline: 22/03/2020

Consultant Boa Prática de Compras Institucionais de Algodão e Alimentos. Deadline: 05/03/2020

Communications Consultant. Deadline: 08/08/2019

Web Developer Voluntary Assistant. Deadline: 06/05/2019

Tradutor Voluntário – Espanhol. Deadline: 16/04/2019

Tradutor Voluntário – Francês. Deadline: 16/04/2019