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Guinea-Bissau begins elaboration of Zero Hunger strategy

Country has begun the process of drafting the National Zero Hunger Strategy 2018 – Photo: WFP/ Stenio Lopesandrade


The Government of Guinea-Bissau has begun the process of drafting the National Zero Hunger Strategy 2018. The strategy will be prepared within an inclusive and consultative exercise of comprehensive analysis of the country’s opportunities, challenges and gaps, and will include a series of recommendations for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 2 – Zero Hunger.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Mr. Francisco Rosa Ca, kick-started the preparation of the National Zero Hunger Strategy 2018, at a ceremony held at the Government Palace in Bissau. The Secretary-General underscored the government’s commitment to achieving SDG 2: “The government of Guinea-Bissau will do what it takes to promote diversified and sustainable agricultural development policies, allocate budget resources to social protection to those further behind, and encourage public-private partnerships to ensure food security and achieve lasting results.”

Dr. Helena Nosolini Embalo, Member of the Zero Hunger National Strategy Advisors Committee, said: “The Board of Advisors hopes that the launch of this study will be a valuable contribution to help build a shared on the challenges the country must face in tackling food insecurity and taking on its responsibilities to the population and the international community.”

WFP Representative in Guinea-Bissau, Ms. Kiyomi Kawaguchi, highlighted the importance of SDG 17, which addresses partnerships and the participation of everyone in the achievement, multiplication and sustainability of changes in food security and nutrition. “The Zero Hunger Strategy consultations will enable the engagement of all partners and stakeholders interested in the process, taking advantage of spaces to develop an inclusive, participatory and appropriate strategy for the entire population of Guinea-Bissau based on reliable research and plausible data analysis, good practices and evidence,” said Kawaguchi.

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