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WFP Centre of Excellence in Brazil joins famous clowns to beat hunger

New partners of the Centre of Excellence, Patati Patatá. Photo: WFP/Natan Giuliano


With a pocket-show for 30 kids, the World Food Programme Centre of Excellence against Hunger and Rinaldi Produções, responsible for the pair of clowns Patati Patatá, announced their new partnership on 1 June. The two institutions have joined efforts to promote campaigns and raise funds for initiatives to fight hunger in Brazil and in the world.

The WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger results from an alliance between the World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency of the United Nations, and Brazil. The Centre aims to support countries in the pursuit for lasting solutions to hunger, and the main tool for this is school feeding. School feeding programmes have multiple benefits in developing countries, as they improve educational indicators, guarantee minimum nutrition and health for children, and boost local economies, especially through the purchase of food produced by smallholder farmers.

Patati Patatá is a pair of clowns very famous in Brazil. For over 30 years, they have been offering quality entertainment to children and their families. The brand is responsible for animations, songs, concerts, circuses and a television show, with wide reach throughout Brazil and Latin America. The shared desire to contribute to the construction of a more just and equitable world in which children have access to adequate food and quality education has brought the two institutions closer together for a partnership that will help to disseminate information on the work of the WFP Centre of Excellence in Brazil and strengthen fundraising efforts.


Photo: WFP/Natan Giuliano



“We believe that the partnership with Patati Patatá will help the World Food Programme to make Brazilians aware of the value of solidarity and cooperation between countries,” said Daniel Balaban, director of the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger and representative of the World Food Programme in Brazil. “The Centre of Excellence promotes cooperation between countries for the whole world to work together and overcome hunger, which still affects 815 million people,” said Balaban.

“Patati Patatá offers content not only for children, but for families, and the child is the gateway to sensitize the whole family about solidarity and children’s rights,” said Igor Faria, director of Rinaldi Produções.

The signing of the partnership agreement between the WFP Centre of Excellence against Hunger and Patati Patatá took place at the World Food Programme’s office in Brasilia. Besides Igor Faria, Patati and Patatá attended the event and offered a pocket show for about 30 children. The sons and daughters of WFP staff participated in the show, as well as 13 kids from a social project that provides sports lessons for under-privileged children in a poor community near Brasilia.

“This was a unique opportunity for these kids, who were chosen for their performance in the project and in schools and, of course, for being Patati Patata fans”, says Ari da Silva, driver of the WFP Centre of Excellence and collaborator of the sports project.


Patati Patatá Pocket Show at  the Centre of Excellence. Photo: WFP/Natan Giuliano


Patati Patata

For over 30 years, Patati Patatá has been providing quality entertainment for children and their families. The brand is responsible for animations, music, shows, circuses and a television program, with wide reach throughout Latin America.

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