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Acquisition of Smallholder Farming Products for School Feeding

The Manual and its attachments provide the steps and operation arrangement for the acquisition of smallholder farming products for school feeding to elementary education students in the PNAE scope. With a step by step description of the process, the document explains budgeting, coordination between social actors, menu creation, public calls, contracts, quality control, product delivery, and payment to smallholder farmers.

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Guide to Support Technical Activities of PNAE Nutritionists

PNAE´s Food and Nutrition Security Coordination elaborated this Guide, hoping to provide practical strategies that may help PNAE nutritionists complete their assignments. This information is vital, given that existing publications do not cover this topic thoroughly and the development of new information on how to solve the main hardships and obstacles of PNAE nutritionists is needed.

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Training Food Handlers Working in School Feeding

This publication is a support material, with the objective of providing theoretical and scientific support to professionals working at National School Feeding Programme (PNAE), for the training of food handlers who work in the Programme. This document is intended for those responsible for training school feeding handlers, including managers, the educational and school feeding sectors, nutritionists, among others.

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Manual for the Application of the Acceptability Tests in the National School Feeding Programme (PNAE)

The PNAE and the CECANEs of the University of Brasília (UnB) and Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) developed this manual with the goal of explaining the procedures in a practical way to apply acceptability tests in the school environment, in order to ensure compliance with Resolution CD / FNDE No. 26/20132, strengthening the quality control of foods offered in school meals. In 2017, the manual was revised and updated by the UFRGS CECANE, due to a need of adapting the document to current legislation.

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Food and Nutrition Education Day

This publication is the result of a broad process of encouraging debate and the practice of actions of Food and Nutrition Education (FNE) in early childhood education. A publication that gives visibility to creative and transformative initiatives experienced in different realities in Brazil, expressing the richness, diversity and power of FNE in Brazilian public schools and showing that this path is possible and is already being followed by different actors.

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Reference Guide for School Feeding for Students with Special Dietary Needs

This Reference Guide and its attachments provide dietary orientations to primarily support the elaboration of special menus for the National School Feeding Programme (PNAE) and they do not aim to replace the assistance and prescriptions of doctors, nutritionists and other health
professionals. This Guide is based on clinical protocols and therapeutic guidelines (PCDT), national agreements and guidelines, as well as on applicable legislation. This Guide can be adapted depending on the district, state or municipality clinical protocols and therapeutic guidelines (PCDT) or based upon the decisions of a local responsible for school nutrition.

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