The Beyond Cotton Project in Tanzania is a component of the regional project ‘Alternatives for the Marketing of Cotton By-Products and Associated Cotton Crops in Africa,’ which aimed to promote the marketing of cotton by-products and products from rotational crops to improve food security, as well as to identify the socio-economic and nutritional conditions of cotton producers and consumers in the project’s operational region.


The Beyond Cotton Project directly and indirectly benefited 11 thousand farmers in the Mwanza region, in the districts of Magu, Misungwi, and Kwimba. The actions developed over the 18 months of the project resulted in the strengthening of three main components: agriculture, nutrition, and income.


Discover the main results in this special publication.

Brazilian Solutions

The participating farmers learned to use low-cost Brazilian techniques. Here are some of them:

How rain gauges can help small farmers in Tanzania.

How economic beds help promote water security in Tanzania.

How subterranean dams can help Tanzanian farmers have water throughout the year.

How equipment and machinery can revolutionize family farming in Tanzania?


Learn more about these solutions and discover more details about the project through the publications.


Here are some of the training sessions offered to the participating farmers in the project:

How to make a water-saving vegetable bed

How to make papaya seedlings

How to make cassava seedlings

Papaya: planting the seed

Papaya: planting the seed (swahili)

How to plant sweet Potatoes